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Polyethylene PE1000 Metal Detectable Plastic Sheet (UHMW)

Polyethylene UHMWPE Food Quality Plastic Sheet

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Polyethylene PE1000 (UHMW) metal detectable plastic sheet contains additives which are visible to metal detector scanning equipment, so that any plastic contamination in the product can be easily identified. It also offers a higher wear resistance and impact strength compared to standard HDPE and HMWPE plastic sheet. Polyethylene PE1000 (UHMW) metal detectable plastic sheet is extremely strong with excellent wear resistance due to a very low coefficient of friction. It also has excellent chemical resistance, very low moisture absorption and is FDA approved.

Key Features:

  • Metal detectable.
  • Good sliding properties.
  • Low abrasion.

Applications: Scrapers, wear strips and machined components. Commonly used within the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Please note: due to variations in metal detector equipment, we would recommend that you carry out your own tests to ensure the correct sensitivity settings are applied to detect the plastic. Please contact us if you require a sample.


Sheets (mtrs)

2 x 1

Thickness (mm)

10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50

Cut pieces available

Also available: Polyethylene UHMWPE Metal Detectable Plastic Rod

Although our metal detectable polyethylene is detectable by the majority of metal detection and x-ray devices we are unable to offer any guarantees and recommend that you test the material with your equipment.



Examples of our Machined Metal Detectable UHMWPE

Metal Detectable Scraper Metal Detectable Chain Guide
Metal detectable plastic scraper Metal detectable plastic chain guide

Technical Specification:

Polyethylene UHMW Plastic Sheet Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Download PDF

Metal Detectable UHMW Food Contact Information
Download PDF

Metal Detectable UHMW Plastic Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Download PDF

Metal detectable UHMWPE is physiologically harmless according to EU-directive 2002/72/EG, FDA-directive 21CFR177.1520 and 21CFR178.3297.

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