PEI (Ultem®) Sheet

PEI (Ultem®) Sheet



PEI (Ultem®) sheet is an amorphous, translucent engineering thermoplastic with good rigidity and thermal mechanical strength for demanding applications. PEI (Ultem®) sheet has good dimensional accuracy, electrical insulation and weldability properties as well as being resistant to creep and gamma rays.

Temperature: Up to +170°C (+200°C short term).

Key Features: Suitable for repeated hot steam sterilization. Easily machined but susceptible to stress cracking. Care required with coolant. Self-extinguishing V-0.

Applications: Metering equipment, sterilization tanks. microwave parts, coil formers, insulators, sensor housings, surgical instruments, light sockets, flanges, switch parts, valve bodies, sight glasses.


Also available: PEI (Ultem®) Rod

Colour: Amber
Sheet Size (mm): 3000 x 500, 1220 x 610
Thickness (mm):

12 to 60

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

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