PTFE Sheet - Glass Filled

PTFE Sheet - Glass Filled



PTFE sheet - glass filled has better creep and wear resistance compared to standard PTFE sheet. These properties are improved with the addition of a glass filler. This filler improves dimensional stability, raises the heat deflection temperature and improves creep resistance.

Temperature: -260°C to +250°C

Key Features: Extremely good chemical resistance against virtually all media. Good sliding properties and improved dimensional stability and creep resistance. Very good electrical insulation properties.

Applications: Pump housings, valve seats, gaskets, roller coverings, shaft bearings, filter housings, etching plates, shaft seals, slide runners, chemical engineering, machine parts, transport and conveyor technology, pump and instrument construction, electrical industry, electronics, laser technology, fume purification, pure water production, cryogenics, filter technology, food and medical technology.


Also available: PTFE Rod - Glass Filled.

Colour: White / Light Grey
Sheet Size* (mm): 600 x 600, 1200 x 1200
Thickness** (mm): 3 to 40
Glass Content: 25% as standard.

*Sheet size may vary depending on thickness. Please enquire for more information.

**Standard thicknesses available, other may be available upon enquiry.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

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