AFDI - Diamond Anti-Fatigue Matting

AFDI - Diamond Anti-Fatigue Matting

Cut Pieces Available


AFDI - diamond anti-fatigue matting is manufactured from closed cell vinyl foam and coated in a tough layer of vinyl coating. It has a deck plate top surface for traction with a chequer pattern and bevelled edges, providing excellent worker comfort and safety.

Key Features: Very good wear resistance, good slip resistance and excellent anti-fatigue.


Product Code

Product Code
Product Code (Black/Yellow) Size


Black Grey Black with Yellow Edging - -
AFDI-B-0.9x0.6 AFDI-G-0.9x0.6 AFDI-BY-0.9x0.6 0.9 x 0.6 12.7
AFDI-B-1.5x0.9 AFDI-G-1.5x0.9 AFDI-BY-1.5x0.9 1.5 x 0.9 12.7
AFDI-B-18.3x0.6 AFDI-G-18.3x0.6 AFDI-BY-18.3x0.6 18.3 x 0.6 12.7
AFDI-B-18.3x0.9 AFDI-G-18.3x0.9 AFDI-BY-18.3x0.9 18.3 x 0.9 12.7
AFDI-B-18.3x1.2 AFDI-G-18.3x1.2 AFDI-BY-18.3x1.2 18.3 x 1.2 12.7

Note: Cut pieces are available upon request.