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Window Film

Window Film

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Window Film is a tough polyester laminate designed to reduce heat and glare, provide privacy and increase security to existing windows. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications and is available in the following three grades.

Safety Grade Window Film

Safety grade window film is designed to reduce the risk of fragments of glass flying during explosions and accidental breakage. It also resists vandal attacks and deters burglars. It complies with workplace (health, safety & welfare) regulations 1992, and conforms to British Standards.


Colour: Clear and silver.
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 1.52

Solar Grade Window Film

Solar grade window film addresses specific problems in connection with heat loss or gain and can reduce air conditioning costs. It reflects 75% of the sun’s heat, stops 85% of the sun’s glare and stops 99% of ultra violet light. It also gives the glass shatterproof qualities and provides a one way mirror finish during daylight hours. It is available in a range of colours and can enhance the visual appearance of a building.


Colour: Silver, grey and gold
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 1.52

Obscure Grade Window Film

Obscure grade window film gives a one way mirror effect to your window providing a high level of privacy and security. It also provides shatterproof properties and increases insulation by up to 30%. It is easy to clean and can be used for decorative effect with frosted finishes.


Colour: Silver (mirrored), white, black and opaque.
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 1.52

Window Film Installation

Installation kits containing solution, knife and squeegee are available. PAR Group also offer an on-site fitting service if required.

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