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Speed Bumps

SB1800 - Speed Bump Middle Section    SBEND - Speed Bump End Section

Speed bumps, (also known as speed reduction ramps) are designed to encourage drivers not to exceed a certain speed. PAR Group supply speed bumps moulded from a durable rubber with high visibility yellow chevrons. Fixing bolts are available to secure the speed bumps firmly to concrete or tarmac surfaces.

Key Features: Instant effect speed reduction, hard wearing and durable. Hazard warning colours with a patterned surface tread to provide additional grip.

Application: Control the speed of light traffic.


Product Code Section Size (mm) - L x W Thickness (mm) Colour Weight (kg)
SB1800 Middle 1800 x 300 50 Black with yellow chevrons 22
SBEND End 150 x 300 50 Black 1.5

Speed Bump Fixing Bolts

SBFIXC - Concrete Fixing SBFIXT - Tarmac Fixing  
SBFIXC - Concrete Fixing SBFIXT - Tarmac Fixing  


Product Code Description
SBFIXC Concrete Fixing Bolt - M12 supplied with shield anchor.
SBFIXT Tarmac Fixing Bolt - M12x80mm long, supplied with a 75mm long rubber sleeve.

Please note: Six fixing bolts are needed for a complete speed bump (four per middle section, and one each end).

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