Aramid Fibre Cloth

Aramid Fibre Cloth

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Aramid fibre cloth is also branded as Kevlar®. It is a very high tensile strength fabric and is often incorporated into other products, such as ceramic and glass insulation products to give additional strength. The fibres do not rust or corrode and has good thermal and flame resistant properties.

Temperature: Up to +160°C

Key Features: High cut and chemical resistance. High tensile strength and excellent dimensional stability. Low elongation at break and low electrical conductivity. Lightweight, with low resistance to ultraviolet light. Good flame resistance and is self-extinguishing.

Applications: Sleeves, chute lining, clothing, body armour, ropes and cables, sports equipment.


Roll Size (mtrs): 50 x 1
Thickness (mm): 1.8

Technical Specification:

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