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Rubber Steam Hose

Steam can be dangerous. Great care and attention should be taken to ensure the correct rubber steam hose, fittings and clamping solution is provided to meet your requirement. If you are in any doubt as to the pressure ratings, temperature, static or dynamic flexing and abrasion of your application, please consult our sales office for technical advice. All hose used for steam applications should be clearly labelled.

PAR also supply a full range of steam hose couplings which should be used for all steam applications.

6317 - Black Steam Hose 6318 - White Steam Hose 6319 - Superheated Red Steam Hose
6317 - Black Rubber Steam Hose 6318 - White Rubber Steam Hose 6319 - Superheated Red Rubber Steam Hose
6320 - Superheated Black Steam Hose    
6320 - Superheated Black Rubber Steam Hose    

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