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Mild Steel Flanged Hose Tails

Mild Steel Flanged Hose Tails



Mild steel flanged hose tails are available in the following types and sizes as standard. Please note that Table D/E are the same flange up to and including 3". For 4" and above please specify eg for a 4" Table D use part number 400FD, for a 4" Table E use part number 400FE.


  Part Number
Size Table D/E ASA 150 PN16
3/4" 075FDE 075FA 075FP
1" 100FDE 100FA 100FP
1¼" 125FDE 125FA 125FP
1½" 150FDE 150FA 150FP
2" 200FDE 200FA 200FP
2½" 250FDE 250FA 250FP
3" 300FDE 300FA 300FP
4" 400FD/E 400FA 400FP
5" 500FD/E 500FA 500FP
6" 600FD/E 600FA 600FP
8" 800FD/E 800FA 800FP
10" 1000FD/E 1000FA 1000FP
12" 1200FD/E 1200FA 1200FP

Note: Mild steel flanged hose tails are also available with a 90° hose tail if required. Please suffix your part number with 90 (e.g. 400FP90).