Novus™ FI (Foil)

Novus™ FI (Foil)




Novus™ FI (Foil) is a graphite laminate material reinforced with one or more 0.05mm layers of flat stainless steel 316 insertion. The graphite sheet is fixed to the insertion by means of a thin chloride-free adhesive layer. This reinforcement provides a sturdy gasket that is relatively easy to handle and process into gaskets. We also offer KLINGER - Graphite PSM-AS as an alternative product to Novus™ FI (Foil).

Temperature: +400°C maximum (see technical data sheet).

Key Features / Applications: Chemical and petrochemical industries including pumps, compressors and pipe joints.


Sheet Size (mtrs): 1.0 x 1.0
Thickness (mm): 1 up to 3

Note: Maximum temperature and pressure should not be used at the same time. All values are dependant on application. Please contact us for advice.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

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