Leaf Springs

Leaf Springs

Leaf Springs are manufactured from either a glass or carbon fibre composite. They have high dynamic strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and fatigue. Leaf Springs also offer superb mechanical strength and are considerably more resilient compared with standard steel springs. They are commonly used on metering, weighing, packaging machines and linear / circular conveyors within the food industry.  We offer Leaf Springs in a variety of grades shown below, all of which can be machined to customer specific requirements. 

Key Features: Excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fatigue strength and electrical insulation properties.

Applications: Screening, paper processing, conveyor machines, dosing plants, feeding devices, driving mechanisms.

Leaf Springs - Grades HFX & HCF

Leaf Springs HFX & HCF




HFX Leaf Springs combine unidirectional glass fibres with a dark green epoxy resin that offers high flexural strength and stiffness. 

HCF Leaf Springs are manufactured from aerospace grade unidirectional carbon fibres combined with a dark epoxy resin. This material is commonly used on more demanding and high performance machinery.


Panel Size (mm): up to 2400 x 1200
Grade Material Colour Panel Thickness (mm)


- 0.8 1.3 1.7 2.1 2.5 3.0 3.4 4.2 5.1 6.0 6.3 7.1 8.0 10.0
HFX Glass Fibre Green * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
HCF Carbon Fibre Carbon Grey * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*Denotes standard sheet availability.

Technical Specification:

Technical Datasheet - HFX & HCF

Leaf Springs - Grade SYD

Leaf Springs - SYD




SYD Leaf Springs have a strictly parallel-oriented, non-interlaced glass fibre structure. The fibres are neither pre-stretched nor bent and epoxy resin compounds are used as binding agents. The special balanced composition ensures high adhesion to the glass fibre surface, resulting in optimum dynamic and electrical properties. The mechanical properties can also be adapted to meet specific requirements by adjusting the orientation of layers during the manufacturing process.


Material: Glass Fibre
Panel Size (mm): up to 1150 x 600
Panel Thickness (mm):

- from 0.75 to 6.50 in increments of 0.25 mm

- from 7.0 to 13.0 in increments of 0.50 mm

- from 13.0 to 25.0 in increments of 1.00 mm

Technical Specification:

Technical Datasheet - SYD

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