Pipe-Lock Couplings

Pipe-Lock Couplings

Pipe-lock couplings are a light weight compression coupling designed for connecting tubes used in low pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. This type of coupling offers a fast and effective jointing method whilst ensuring electrical continuity via a conductivity strip.

Key Features: Stainless steel 430 single sking with M8.8 galvanised TRCC bolts. Folded lamellar clamp. Supplied with a black SBR gasket and a stainless steel 304 earthing strip.


Product Code To Suit Pipe Outside Diameter (mm): Number of Bolts Length (mm)
PLO402B 40 2 100
PLO502B* 50 2 100
PLO602B** 60 2 100
PLO702B*** 70 2 100

*Subject to minimum order of 1 box of 36.
**Subject to minimum order of 1 box of 28.
***Subject to minimum order of 1 box of 24.

Pipe-Lock Coupling Gaskets

Pipe-Lock Coupling Gaskets Blue Metal Detectable Food Quality Gasket



Pipe lock couplings are supplied with a black SBR gasket as standard. PAR Group can manufacture alternative gasket types including white food grade, blue food grade and blue metal detectable upon request. 

Product Code To Suit Pipe Outside Diameter (mm):

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