Injectable Packing

Injectable Packing





Injectable packing is a general purpose, water resistant injectable packing coumpound. Suitable for pumping into internal voids in valves and other equipment, sometimes without the need for equipment strip down. Under pressure injectable packing will conform to the shape of any void and form a gasket or seal.

Temperature: -62°C to +288°C

Key Features: It is non-toxic, non-hardening and non hazardous, as well as being pumpable, water-resistant and economical. 

Applications: Commonly used to fill an internal void. Excellent sealing capacity when injected under pressure into valve bonnets, stuffing boxes, and other areas requiring packing. It is not for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers.


Colour: Grey / Black
Unit Size (mm):

Type J - 35 x 216

Type K - 38 x 267

Pack Size: 36

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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