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Manufacture, process and supply plastic, insulation and rubber products to industry

Plastic Pipework & Fittings

Plastic Pipework & Fittings



Plastic pipework and fittings provide excellent product flow and are commonly used throughout many different industries. PAR Group offer a range of plastic pipework materials including uPVC, ABS and polypropylene. uPVC pipe systems have good chemical resistance and can be used with potable water. ABS pipe systems have good chemical resistance and can be used with food and potable water. Polypropylene pipe systems have excellent chemical resistance and can withstand higher temperatures than uPVC and ABS. Different materials require different joining methods. ABS and uPVC required a solvent cement and polypropylene requires socket fusion equipment. We also offer a range of threaded fittings.


Size: Various in both imperial and metric.
Materials: ABS, uPVC and polypropylene.
Fittings: Elbows, tees, reducers, nipples, sockets and valves.
90° Elbow 45° Elbow 90° Tee
Plastic Pipework 90° Elbow Plastic Pipework 45° Elbow Plastic Pipework 90° Tee
Plain Socket Reducing Socket Flanges
Plastic Pipework Plain Socket Plastic Pipework Reducing Socket Plastic Pipework Flange
Stub Flange Flange Backing Rings Pipe
Plastic Pipework Stub Flange Plastic Pipework Flange Backing Rings Plastic Pipework Pipe

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