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Manufacture, process and supply plastic, insulation and rubber products to industry

Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheeting is required to perform over a wide range of applications and conditions. Many of our sheetings are commonly used for rubber gasket materials. Our rubber sheetings are available in a range of thicknesses and can be supplied in roll and sheet form. PAR Group can convert all grades of rubber sheeting into gaskets, strips, cut profiles and rubber sleeves to your exact requirements. A self adhesive backing can also be applied upon request.

The following grades of rubber sheeting are available from PAR Group. Please follow the links below for more information including availability and specifications. If you cannot find the grade you require please contact us as have the capability to mould 450mm² sheets of rubber in an extensive range of compounds.  

Comparison Table Chemical Resistance Safety Information
Shore Hardness Scale    

Standard Grade Rubber Sheeting

Commercial Insertion EPDM
Comercial (BCQ) Rubber Sheeting Insertion Rubber Sheeting EPDM Rubber Sheeting
EPDM - WRAS WRC Approved Neoprene Neoprene - Flame Retardant
WRAS / WRC Approved EPDM Rubber Sheeting Neoprene Rubber Sheeting Neoprene Flame Retardant Anti Static Rubber Sheeting
Nitrile Nitrile - Gas Approved Rubber Matting
Nitrile Rubber Sheeting Nitrile - Gas Approved Rubber Matting


Food Quality Rubber Sheeting

EPDM - White Food Quality Natural - White Food Quality Abrasion Resistant - White
EPDM White Rubber Sheeting Natural White Rubber Sheeting Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheeting - White
Neoprene - White Food Quality Nitrile - White Food Quality Nitrile - Blue Food Quality
Neoprene White Rubber Sheeting Nitrile White Rubber Sheeting Nitrile Rubber Sheeting - Blue Food Quality
Silicone Silicone - Metal Detectable Viton - White Food Quality
Silicone Rubber Sheeting Silicone Rubber Sheeting - Metal Detectable Viton White Rubber Sheeting
FKM - White Food Quality FKM - Blue Food Quality  
FKM Rubber Sheeting - White Food Quality FKM Rubber Sheeting - Blue Food Quality  


Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheeting

Shotblast Black Abrasion Resistant - Red Shotblast Tan-Para
Shotblast Black Rubber Sheeting Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheeting - Red Tan Para Shotblast Rubber Sheeting
Abrasion Resistant - White Snow Plough Shotblast Red
Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheeting - White Snow Plough Scraper Rubber Sheeting Shotblast Red Rubber Sheeting


High Specification Rubber Sheeting

Butyl FKM Viton
Butyl Rubber Sheeting FKM Commercial Rubber Sheeting Viton Rubber Sheeting
Hypalon Latex Regupol
Hypalon Rubber Sheeting Latex Rubber Sheeting Regupol®


British Specification Rubber Sheeting

We also supply a range of British specification rubbers, Please follow the links below for our most common types.

Neoprene - BS2752 Nitrile - BS2751
Bridge Bearing Rubber - BS5400 Part 9 Textile Rubber Belting

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