Graphite is available in fine or medium grained grades. PAR Group can manufacture machined components using a wide range of CNC facilities. Quotations can be provided from either existing samples or drawings.

Temperature: Up to +3000°C (begins to oxidise at +400°C).

Key Features: High temperature with excellent chemical resistance. Electrically conductive and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Self-lubricating but non-wetting. High strength.

Fine Grained Graphite

Applications: Seals, bearings, crucibles, work-holding jigs, carbon brushes, casting rings, piston rings, heating elements, continuous casting dies and spark erosion tools.


Rod Diameter (mm): 3 up to 450
Block Size (mm): up to 1200 x 600 x 300

Note: Fine grade graphite is stronger and more resistant to oxidation than medium grade.

Medium Grained Graphite

Applications: Furnace parts, crucibles, heating elements, piston rings, purification systems, extrusion guides, moulds, heating elements, self-lubricating bearings, trays and jigs.


Rod Diameter (mm): 3 up to 700
Block Size (mm): up to 3100 x 915 x 375

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