Tufnol® 10G40 



Tufnol® 10G40 is an epoxy glass fabric laminate. It is primarily used where high strength, rigidity, dimensional stability and electrical performance are key requirements. We offer G10 as an alternative to Tufnol® 10G40.

Temperature: Up to +130°C (+150°C intermittent).

Key Features: Very high mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, excellent electrical properties and has good dimensional stability.

Applications: Common applications include insulation in large turbine generators, components for cryogenic super-conducting magnets, high strength bolt insulation in structures, jigs for electro-chemical machining and structural insulation for high performance elexctronic equipment. It is not ideal for use in wearing or bearing applications.


Colour: Natural
Sheet Size (mm): 1220 x 1220, 1600 x 1220*
Thickness (mm): 0.15 up to 101.6
Rod Length (mm): 1200
Rod Diameter (mm): 12.7 up to 50.8

*Minimum order quantities may apply.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

Alternative Product - G10 Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate

Technical Data Sheet - G10

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