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Aluminium Camlocks

Aluminium camlocks (or cam and groove couplings) enable you to quickly connect and disconnect your hose and pipework. They are lightweight and operate by opening the coupler arms and inserting the adaptor into the coupler. The arms are folded down into position to complete a tight join. The following types of Aluminium camlocks couplings are available from PAR Group, follow the links for sizes and part numbers. Please note: Camlock manufacturers will not guarantee that their parts will interchange or be compatible with those from an alternative supplier. To avoid issue, you may wish to purchase the matching part with your order.

Type A - Aluminium Camlock Type B - Aluminium Camlock Type C - Aluminium Camlock
Type A - Aluminium Camlock Type B - Aluminium Camlock Type C - Aluminium Camlock
Type D - Aluminium Camlock Type E - Aluminium Camlock Type F - Aluminium Camlock
Type D - Aluminium Camlock Type E - Aluminium Camlock Type F - Aluminium Camlock
Type DC - Aluminium Camlock Type DP - Aluminium Camlock Part A - Aluminium Camlock
Type DC - Aluminium Camlock Type DP - Aluminium Camlock Part A - Aluminium Camlock
Part B - Aluminium Camlock    
Part B - Aluminium Camlock    

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