Stainless Steel Lockable Camlocks

Stainless steel lockable camlocks are designed to prevent accidental disconnection and protect the operator from spillage. They incorporate a small spring loaded pin built into the camlock arm. Once engaged, the pin will snap into place securing the coupler to the adaptor. The mechanism is released by a small push button built into the camlock body. Please follow the links below for sizes and part numbers. Please note: Camlock manufacturers will not guarantee that their parts will interchange or be compatible with those from an alternative supplier. To avoid issue, you may wish to purchase the matching part with your order.

Type B Safety Lock - Lockable Camlock Type C Safety Lock - Lockable Camlock Type D Safety Lock - Lockable Camlock
Type B - Lockable Safety Camlock Type C - Lockable Safety Camlock Type D - Lockable Safety Camlock
Type DC Safety Lock - Lockable Camlock    
Type DC - Lockable Safety Camlock