Novus™ Gasket Materials

Novus™ gasket materials are available in the full range from PAR Group. Please select the material you require from the grades shown below. If you are unsure as to the correct material to use for your applications, please contact one of our sales offices for assistance. We also stock Klinger® gasket materials as an alternative to Novus™In order for us to provide you with the best advice please provide the following detail:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Conveyant
  • Gasket Size (If standard flange, please see the flange gasket tables)

Novus™ gasket materials can also be CNC cut into gaskets and shapes to almost any profile. Please contact our sales office to discuss your requirement.

Compressed Fibre Novus™ Gasket Materials

Novus 10 Novus 20 Novus 26 Novus 28
Novus™ 10 Novus™ 20 Novus™ 26 Novus™ 28
Novus 30 Novus 34 Novus 45 Novus 48 (Acid)
Novus™ 30 Novus™ 34 Novus™ 45 Novus™ 48 (Acid)


PTFE Novus™ Gasket Materials

Novus Uniflon™ 50 Novus Uniflon™ 51 Novus Uniflon™ 53  
Uniflon™ 50 Uniflon™ 51 Uniflon™ 53  


Graphite Novus™ Gasket Materials

Novus™ 49 Novus™ FI (Foil) Novus™ TI (Tanged) Sigraflex Hochdruck
Novus™ 49 (Graftec™) Novus FI (foil) gasket material Novus TI (tanged) gasket material Novus Sigraflex Hochdruck gasket material


Other Novus™ Option Available


Novus™ materials are available with an anti-stick finish. The coating is specially formulated to be environmentally safe without compromising gasket removal from the flange. Anti-stick finish is available as standard on premium grades Novus™ 10, Novus™ 34 and Novus™ 49.

Wire reinforced

Novus™ materials are available with wire reinforcement for applications requiring high compressive strength or where thermal cycling is severe. Carbon steel wire is the standard reinforcement.


Cut gaskets manufactured from Novus™ materials are available with eyelets. The eyelet is fitted on the inner diameter of the gasket and prevents fluid contamination as well as aiding sealability. The standard material for the eyelet is 316L stainless steel but other materials are available on request.

PTFE envelopes

Cut gaskets fitted with PTFE envelopes offer excellent chemical resistance under moderate service conditions, allowing the use of Novus™ materials in fluids which would normally be unsuitable.

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