Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin®) Rod

Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin®) Rod



Acetal homopolymer (also known as Delrin®) rod is a strong rigid plastic with a higher mechanical strength, hardness and creep resistance than acetal copolymer. It also has a high resistance to wear. It is easy to machine with very good electrical insulation properties and is resistant to dilute acids, cleaning agents and some solvents. Acetal homopolymer has a lower thermal expansion rate than acetal.

Temperature: Up to +110°C (+150°C short term).

Applications: Friction bearings, gears, housing parts, rollers, insulators and snap fit connectors.


Also available: Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin®) Sheet.

Colour: Natural (white) Black
Rod Length (mm): 3000 3000
Rod Diameter (mm): 3 to 200 3 to 150

Note: Genuine Delrin® plastic rod available upon request.

Technical Specification:

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