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Manufacture, process and supply plastic, insulation and rubber products to industry

PFFL - Flexi Line PVC Flooring

PFFL - Flexi Line PVC Flooring



PFFL - flexi line pvc flooring has a fine ribbed fluted surface making it an ideal alternative to conventional rubber mattings. It is designed for areas alongside or on top of benches and has excellent anti-slip properties. It is also easy to clean, can disperse light spillages and offers noise and/or vibration protection.

Key Features: Hard wearing and durable. High-slip resistant multi-directional surface. Impression finish anti-creep reverse. Good floor to foot cold insulation properties.





PFFLRD 25 x 1 2 Red
PFFLLG 25 x 1 2 Light Grey
PFFLBK 25 x 1 2 Black

Examples of Available Colours

Red Light Grey Black
PFFLRD - Red PFFLLG - Light Grey PFFLBK - Black