5540 - Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting

5540 - Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting



5540 - broad ribbed rubber matting is a general purpose matting manufactured from a hard wearing commercial rubber. The surface has broad pitched fluted pattern and a cloth impression on the reverse. PAR Group can also supply broad ribbed rubber matting CNC cut into sheets, profiles and strips to  your specific requirement.

Key Features: Hard wearing, durable rubber. Anti-slip broad ribbed surface. Good floor insulation properties. Suitable for high traffic areas.

Applications: Heavy duty, high traffic areas. Workbench covers, ramps and work areas.


Product Code

Size (mtrs) Roll Width (mtrs)

Thickness (mm)

5540-1.2M-3 10 1.2 3 Black
5540-1.2M-5 10 1.2 5 Black
5540-1.2M-6 10 1.2 6 Black
5540-1.8M-10 10 1.8 10 Black

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet