Melamine Acoustic Foam

Melamine Acoustic Foam



Melamine acoustic foam is a general purpose open cell acoustic foam that is fire resistant, lightweight and suitable for high temperature applications. 

Temperature: 0°C to +220°C (+295°C intermittent).

Key Features: Lightweight, easy to handle and install. suitable for high temperature applications. 

Applications: Iinternal and external duct linings, thermal and acoustic machine coverings and suspended ceiling absorptive panels. 


Colour: White
Sheet Size (mtrs): 2.5 x 1.25

Standard, Self-Adhesive, Class O Foil

  Facing / Part Number
Thickness (mm) Standard Self-adhesive Class O Foil
6 ACMS-2.5X1.25-6 ACMA-2.5X1.25-6 ACMF-2.5X1.25-6
12 ACMS-2.5X1.25-12 ACMA-2.5X1.25-12 ACMF-2.5X1.25-12
25 ACMS-2.5X1.25-25 ACMA-2.5X1.25-25 ACMF-2.5X1.25-25
50 ACMS-2.5X1.25-50 ACMA-2.5X1.25-50 ACMF-2.5X1.25-50
60 ACMS-2.5X1.25-60 ACMA-2.5X1.25-60 ACMF-2.5X1.25-60
75 ACMS-2.5X1.25-75 ACMA-2.5X1.25-75 ACMF-2.5X1.25-75
100 ACMS-2.5X1.25-100 ACMA-2.5X1.25-100 ACMF-2.5X1.25-100

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

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