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Mandrel Built Rubber Hose

Mandrel Built Rubber Hose



Mandrel built rubber hose is commonly supplied for applications that are too demanding or specialised for a standard product. PAR Group can manufacture custom mandrel built rubber hose to suit your requirement. We will discuss your application in detail in order to gain a full understanding of your requirements. We can then offer a purpose built hose with the correct liner, reinforcements and outer cover. We can also manufacture built-in bends, reducers and cuffer ends as required.

Applications: Water, fuels, oils, diesels, sea water, mud pump, chemicals, dry powders, sand, animal feed, grain, flour, cement and gravel.

Also available: 6708 - Santoprene Peristaltic Tubing

Examples of our Mandrel Built Rubber Hose

Mandrel Built Peristaltic Hose    
Mandrel Build Peristaltic Hose    

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