Eurac Couplings

Eurac Couplings

Eurac couplings are designed to connect threaded or unthreaded pipework by providing an equalised pressure seal to the entire surface area without distorting the wall. Eurac couplings are available in 2, 3 and 5 bolt versions in galvanised and stainless steel. Eurac couplings are supplied complete with gaskets and earthing strips.

Temperature: -30°C to +110°C

Applications: Eurac couplings are used in pneumatic conveying (diluted and heavy concentration light particles), vacuum or pressure systems.

Availability: The table below shows the most popular sizes of our type H Eurac couplings and part numbers.

Part Number To Suit Pipe Outside Diameter (mm)
EUH100-38.1 38.1
EUH150-40 40
EUH200-50.8 50.8
EUH100-76.2 76.2
EUH150-88.9 88.9
EUH200-101.6 101.6
EUH100-114 114
EUH150-127 127

Note: The 100, 150 and 200 in the part number description are interchangeable and denote the length (in mm).

Technical Specification:

To view the full availability and technical specification of our type H couplings, please download the PDF below.

Technical Data Sheet

We also offer Eurac type L, type M and type HX. Please download the appropriate PDF below for full availability and technical specification.

Technical Data Sheet - Type L

Technical Data Sheet - Type M

Technical Data Sheet - Type HX

Eurac Coupling Gaskets

Eurac Coupling Gaskets  




Part Number Size Number of Bolts
EURGA1.5 1½" 3
EURGA2 2" 3
EURGA2.5 2½" 3
EURGA3 3" 3
EURGA3.5 3½" 3
EURGA4 4" 3
EURGA5 5" 3
EURGA6 6" 3

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