Silicone Extrusions - Arrowheads

Silicone Extrusions - Arrowheads

Please download the PDF below for all standard arrowhead extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour available upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Profiles and Product Codes

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE4956 SE5989 SE5443 SE5130 SE4978 SE5170 SE4964 SE4462 SE6406 SE5877 SE4514 SE4593 SE5110 SE5967 SE5238 SE4248
SE5083 SE5182 SE5126 SE5869 SE5091 SE5378 SE5383 SE4623 SE4074 SE4073 SE5170 SE5545 SE5544 SE4909 SE4035 SE4019
SE4018 SE3642 SE5537 SE6204 SE3599 SE3941 SE5696 SE3757 SE5720 SE5697 SE5742 SE5525 SE4470 SE5640 SE3812 SE3939
SE2414 SE5577 SE4797 SE3717 SE5820 SE5819 SE3783 SE3849 SE5100 SE4575 SE4576 SE5111 SE5556 SE5603 SE5740 SE5693
SE5715 SE5692 SE4743 SE5744 SE5602 SE5741 SE3889 SE4399 SE3158 SE3745

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