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Polyurethane Spray Coating of Plastic

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Polyurethane spray coating enables you to target specific surface areas of a component requiring protection from abrasive or corrosive media, without the need for expensive tooling. Spray coating Polyurethane is excellent for giving added life to exposed parts due to its excellent abrasion resistance. It is also excellent for deadening the sound of abrasives in a working environment. 

Vibratory deburring and polishing bowls & tubs, Vibratory bowl feeders, Chutes & hoppers, Shotblast cabinets, Cyclone sections, Coal preparation wash boxes, Flotation collars & buoys, Pump impellers & bodies, Rally car suspension parts, Jetovators for ships, Mineral Processing Plant, Sub-Train aerials, Truck bodies, Fenders, Pipe work (internal & external), Lifting slings 



Polyurethane can be applied and bonded directly by spray onto most plastics, wood, aluminium, steel and GRP, in thicknesses from 0.5mm to several centimetres

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