TICO Pipe Grips

TICO Pipe Grips Anti-Vibration Material



TICO pipe grips are manufactured from a high quality zinc plated metal with a fire retardant moulded rubber component. They are available in two standard types: rubber lined (grip type) and PTFE lined (guide type).

Temperature: -50°C up to +120°C (150°C intermittent)

Key Features: Low evolution of toxic gases and unrivalled level of cushioning and support. The rubber components are flame retardant and do not support the surface travel of flame. The rubber lined grip type is supplied with a serrated inner face. Designed to fully isolate the pipe from its support, helping to prevent electrolytic corrosion. Accurate threads meaning easy fitting, and can be manufactured in stainless steel BS1449, 316S11 is required.


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Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet / Availability

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