Nylon 66 Sheet - Glass Filled

Nylon 66 Sheet - Glass Filled

Food Approved Product


Nylon 66 sheet - glass filled offers increased strength, stiffness, wear resistance, creep resistance and dimensional stability than standard nylon 6. It also allows for a higher short term working temperature.

Temperature: -40°C to +110°C (+170°C short term).

Key Features: Resistant to many oils, greases, diesel, petrol and cleaning fluids. Good dimensional accuracy and heat distortion resistance.

Nylon 66 glass filled benefits over other nylons: Heat stabilised with increased strength, stiffness and wear resistance. Also has increased creep resistance and dimensional stability.

Applications: Rollers, gears, friction strips, bushes, spindle nuts, piston guides, castors, impact plates, friction bearings, conveyor screws, cam discs, ropes pullys, plug parts, damping plates, bearings.


Also available: Nylon 66 Rod - Glass Filled

Colour: Black
Sheet Size* (mm): 3000 x 300, 3000 x 500, 1000 x 610, 3000 x 610, 3000 x 620
Thickness (mm): 8 to 100

*Sheet size may vary depending on thickness. Please enquire for more information.

Technical Specification:

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