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Polyethylene PE1000 Sheet - UHMW Electrically Conductive

Polyethylene PE1000 Sheet - UHMW Electrically Conductive



Polyethylene PE1000 sheet - UHMW electrically conductive is an electrostatic dissipative material providing a surface resistance of < 105Ω. This helps to provide dissipation of static charges and provide protection from electrostatic discharge. It is primarily used within the chemical, aerospace, mechanical engineering and power station industries.

Temperature: -200°C to +80°C

Key Features: Electrically conductive and highly resistant to bending and impact. Good wear characteristics and chemical stability. Highly resistant to cold with no moisture absorption.

Applications: Chain guides, wear strips and machined parts.


Also available: Polyethylene PE1000 Rod - UHMW Electrically Conductive (Manufactured to order, please enquire).

Colour: Black
Sheet Size* (mm): 2000 x 1000, 3000 x 1220
Thickness (mm): 10 to 100

*Sheet size may vary dependant on thickness. Please enquire for more information.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet