Polyethylene PE500 Sheet - HMWPE

Polyethylene PE500 Sheet - HMWPE

Food Approved Product


Polyethylene PE500 sheet - HMWPE offers increased wear resistance and impact strength compared to HDPE. It is extremely strong with excellent resistance to chemicals and low temperatures. PE500 - HMWPE also has very low moisture absorption and excellent non-stick properties.

Temperature: -100°C to +80°C

Key Features:  High impact strength and resistance to shock, good electrical insulation, excellent resistance to chemicals and low temperatures, low moisture absorption and excellent non-stick properties. 

Applications: Buffers, cutting boards, chopping boards, change parts and protection strips.


Also available: Higher temperature grade (up to +130°C) and metal detectable grades.

Colour: Natural, black**, green, red, blue, yellow**
Sheet Size* (mm): 2000 x 1000, 3000 x 1000, 4000 x 1000, 3000 x 1220
Thickness* (mm): 5 to 120

*Sheet size and thickness may vary depending on colour. Please enquire for more information.

**No food contact certification is available for yellow or black Polyethylene PE500 sheet - HMWPE.

Note: If a specific colour of material is required, please state this in writing at the point of enquiry.

Note: Polyethylene PE500 sheet - HMWPE is sometimes referred to as 'Corrothene® T500' which is a registered trademark of PAR Group Ltd.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

Food Contact Information - Natural, Green & Blue

Alternative Product - Polyethylene PE500 'Speckle'

Polyethylene PE500 'Speckle'

We also offer Polyethylene PE500 'Speckle' as an alternative product to Polyethylene PE500 Sheet - HMWPE.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet