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Synthetic Fibre Filter Media

Synthetic Fibre Filter Media



Synthetic fibre filter media is manufactured from multi-directional fibres designed to provide a high dust holding capacity. Synthetic fibre filter media does not release fibres into the air during the operation making it a popular alternative to glass fibre media in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It can also be used in filter cartridge applications and panel filters.

Applications: Pre-filter applications, spray booths, pleated media support, panel filters.


Colours: Blue and white, white.
Roll Size* (mtrs): 20 x 2 , 10 x 2 (50mm thick).
Grade* / Thickness (mm): F5/22, GR3/14, GR4/15, GR4/22, GR4/50

*Other roll sizes and grades available upon request.

Examples of our Synthetic Fibre Filter Media

Blue Filter Bag    
Blue Filter Bag