Polyester (Terylene)

Polyester (Terylene)

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Polyester (commonly referred to as Terylene) is resistant to stretching, shrinking, wrinkling and abrasion. This makes it popular for use in the manufacture of sleeves and connectors in product transfer applications. It is also easily washed and quick drying.  It is also food approved making it suitable for various applications within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Applications: Socks, sleeves, chutes, connectors, covers and curtains.


Product Code Roll Length (mtrs) Roll Width (mtrs) Thickness (mm) Colour
PT450-2M-0.5 25 2 0.5 White

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Examples of our Polyester (Terylene) Work

Polyester (Terylene) Sleeve    
Polyester (Terylene) Sleeve    

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