AFOI - Oil Anti-Fatigue Matting

AFOI - Oil Anti-Fatigue Matting

Cut Pieces Available


AFOI - oil anti-fatigue matting is manufactured from high quality 100% Nitrile rubber and is designed to withstand industrial oils and harsh chemicals. The drainage holes and raised studs allow fluids and debris to fall through, leaving a clear top surface. Its highly visible three-sided orange bevelled borders offer great worker safety. Oil anti-fatigue matting is easy to clean with detergent or water-jet.

Key Features: Excellent wear resistance, excellent slip resistance and excellent anti-fatigue.


Product Code

Product Type Size (mtrs)

Thickness (mm)

AFOI-1.02x0.66 Edged Mat 1.02 x 0.66 22 Black with Orange Edging
AFOI-1.63x0.97 Edged Mat 1.63 x 0.97 22 Black with Orange Edging
AFOI-3.15x0.97 Edged Mat 3.15 x 0.97 22 Black with Orange Edging
AFOC-1.52x0.91 Un-edged Mat 1.52 x 0.91 22 Black
AFOC-0.91-OB Orange Bevel 0.91 (length) 22 Orange
AFOC-1.52-OB Orange Bevel 1.52 (length) 22 Orange
AFOC-0.3-C Connector 0.3 22  

Note: Edged mats are supplied with orange bevelled edges on 3 sides as standard.