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GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting

GRP Anti-Slip Flooring



GRP anti-slip sheeting offers an effective solution to hazardous steps and walkways. It is manufactured from a glass reinforced plastic (GRP), with a composite non-corrosive anti-slip surface. It can be screwed, bolted or bonded onto surfaces including wood, concrete, steel, chequer plate and open gratings. PAR Group can offer an on-site fitting service if required.

Temperature: -100°C to +200°C

Key Features: Extremely tough, durable and easy to clean. Good resistance to UV and to impact abrasion, solvents, and chemicals when specified. Effective solution for damaged surfaces. Simple to install with little downtime. Suitable for internal and external use and requires little maintenance. Can be manufactured chemically resistant or flame retardant if required.

Applications: Walkways, landings, platforms, bridges, loading and access ramps.


Standard GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting


Sheet Size


GRPSH-1220x1220 1220 x 1220 4 Coarse Black Yellow Beige Stone Grey
GRPSH-2000x1000 2000 x 1000 4 Coarse Black Yellow Beige Stone Grey
GRPSH-2440x1220 2440 x 1220 4 Coarse Black Yellow Beige Stone Grey
GRPSH-3000x1220 3000 x 1220 4 Coarse Black

Other sheet sizes and thicknesses are available upon request.

*Extra fine, fine and extra coarse grades are available upon request.

Any RAL colour is available upon request. Different coloured edging can also be applied. 

We also offer a cutting service for bespoke enquiries. Chamfered edges can also be applied if required.

Technical Data Sheet

Examples of Available Colours 

Beige Black Grey
GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting - Beige GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting - Black GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting - Grey
Yellow Red (manufactured to order)  
GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting - Yellow GRP Anti-Slip Sheeting - Red (manufactured to order)  

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