Single Part Polyurethane Adhesive

Single Part Polyurethane Adhesive



Single part polyurethane adhesive is a one component, moisture curing, paintable, low modulus polyurethane sealant or adhesive. It has excellent adhesion to most building substrates, is fast curing with permanent and durable elasticity and is no-staining to brickwork. It has first rate resistance to water and UV rays and has permanent elasticity under all climate conditions. It conforms to ISO 11600 F25 LM.

Applications: For interior and exterior dilatation joints in concrete, expansion and sealing joints in almost all building substrates and joints between wooden, metal, aluminium or PVC frames and masonry.


Product Code Container Size (ml) Colour Pack Size
ADSPOL-W-310 310 cartridge White 12 per container
ADSPOL-G-310 310 cartridge Grey 12 per container
ADSPOL-B-310 310 cartridge Black 12 per container
ADSPOL-G-600 600 foil packed Grey 12 per container
ADSPOL-B-600 600 foil packed Black 12 per container

Note: Estimated coverage = width x depth of joint x length (in linear metres) of joint. Divide this by the volume of the container = number of cartridges required. This product has a shelf life of 12 months.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Note: As with all adhesives, PAR Group offer no guarantees as to the suitability or success of bond achieved. Please ensure the manufacturers instructions are followed and that safety datasheets are read prior to use.