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Manufacture, process and supply plastic, insulation and rubber products to industry

Glastherm HT200

Glastherm HT



Glastherm HT200 is commonly used for mould insulation applications, specifically plastic and zinc die cast moulding. It is a thermal insulating sheet with superior strength and heat resistance.

Temperature: Up to +288°C (maximum), up to +200°C (continuous).

Key Features: High compression strength, asbestos free, extremely durable, low thermal conductivity. Oil and water resistant and highly machinable.


Sheet Size (mm): 2445x1255 (standard)
Thickness (mm): 6.35 (1/4"), 10 (3/8"), 13 (1/2"), 16 (5/8"), 19 (3/4"), 20 and 25 (1")
Colour: White (Standard), Green (20mm thick only)

Note: We also offer a full Machining Service. Please contact us for details. Glastherm HT220, HT250 and S grades are also available. Please note these grades may be subject to longer lead times.

Technical Specification:

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