Monolux® is a general purpose, high strength, rigid insulation board suitable for machining into components and parts. It is available in two grades: Monolux® MST (Formerly 500) and Monolux® (Formerly 800). Monolux® is a superior grade, offering improved nominal density and thermal conductivity over MST. Both grades provide low shrinkage and are commonly used as thermal breaks in process plants and single skin insulators in ovens and dryers.

Temperature: Up to +1000°C

Key Features: Non-combustible, low thermal capacity, moisture resistant, low conductivity. Can be machined to close tolerances, high strength, excellent thermal insulation, low shrinkage.

Applications: Platen press, ovens and dryers, load bearing pipe supports, heat shielding, structural thermal breaks, boiler baffles, flue gas baffles, structural thermal breaks, fire resisting constructions, linings and machined components.


Please note: Monolux® 500 and Monolux® 800  has been superseded by Monolux® MST and Monolux® respectively.

Grade Sheet Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Monolux® MST 2500 x 1200 12.7, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50
Monolux® 2500 x 1200 12.7, 25, 30, 50, 60

We also offer a full Machining Service. Please contact us for details.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Data Sheet - Monolux® MST

Material Safety Data Sheet - Monolux® MST

Technical Data Sheet - Monolux®

Material Safety Data Sheet - Monolux®

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