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Fire Hydrant Key and Bar

Fire hydrant keys and bars are supplied to open the valve on underground fire hydrant valves. Please see below for more information.

HK49 - Fire Hydrant Key and Bar

HK49 - Fire Hydrant Opening Key  



Fire hydrant opening keys and bar are available in aluminium as standard.

Product Code: HK49

Fire Hydrant Key Extension

Fire Hydrant Key Extension  



Fire hydrant key extensions are for use where the ground level has been raised and access with regular equipment is limited. A hydrant key extension is connected between the key base and the hydrant spindle. Available in a light alloy with a durable blue hammerite finish.

Product Code Length (mm)
HKE51-150* 150
HKE51-300 300
HKE51-400 400
HKE51-500 500
HKE51-600 600

*Manufactured to order.

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