Moulded Rubber Bellows

Moulded Rubber Bellows

Blue Metal Detectable Rubber Bellows

Food Approved Product  Metal Detectable Products



Moulded rubber bellows (often referred to as locker sleeves) are commonly used in product transfer applications on vibratory equipment. The unique moulded design offers excellent flexibility and product flow whilst retaining its opening diameter. Moulded rubber bellows can be manufactured in various rubber compounds to suit your application. Our most popular types include terracotta and food grade rubber.

Applications: Vibratory sieve equipment and product transfer.


Length (mm): 267mm nominal (10½")



Product Code (4") Product Code (6") Product Code (8") Product Code (10")
Teracotta - Natural (FDA Approved) LK4TR* LK6TR* LK8TR* LK10TR*
White - Natural (Food Approved) LK4WFQ LK6WFQ* LK8WFQ* LK10WFQ*
White - Neoprene (Food Approved) LK4FQN LK6FQN LK8FQN LK10FQN
White - Silicone (Food Approved) LK4SI LK6SI LK8SI LK10SI
Black - Natural (Anti-Static) LK4BN LK6BN LK8BN LK10BN
Black - Nitrile LK4NI LK6NI LK8NI LK10NI
Blue - Metal Detectable (Food Approved) LK4BMD LK6BMD LK8BMD LK10BMD

*Standard stock sizes. Other sizes made to order upon request.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet - Natural Teracotta

Polyurethane Welded Bellows

Polyurethane Welded Bellow

Polyurethane Welded Bellows




PAR group can also manufacture bellows from abrasive resistant, food approved thermoplastic polyurethane. Our polyurethane bellows are made to order to almost any size. Multiple convolutions and flanges can also be incorporated where required.

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