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Manufacture, process and supply plastic, insulation and rubber products to industry

Moulded Rubber Connectors

Moulded Rubber Connectors




Moulded rubber connectors (or mandrel built connectors) can be manufactured in many different grades of rubber. Connectors can be reinforced for heavy duty usage or manufactured lightweight to be suitable for checkweigh applications. Food quality connections are also available where required.

Applications: Transfer of powder, slurry, pellets, grain, checkweigh and load cell.


Material: Neoprene, Natural, Tan Para, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton® and Latex.
Size: Made to order, please enquire.

Examples of our Moulded Rubber Connectors

Humped Moulded Rubber Connector    
Humped Moulded Rubber Connector    

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