PTFE Sheet - Skived

PTFE Sheet - Skived



PTFE sheet - skived is manufactured from a thin film of PTFE and provides a low friction, non-stick surface. It is often used in high temperature and high dielectric applications and can be supplied with a silicone self-adhesive backing.

Temperature: -73°C to +260°C

Key Features: Extremely good chemical resistance against virtually all media. Good sliding properties and improved dimensional stability and creep resistance. Very good electrical insulation properties.

Applications: Gaskets, lining, bellows, sleeves & connectors, slide bearings, skid ways, electrical insulation and cable wrapping.


Part Number: A05SK A10SK A20SK
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 1 30 x 1 30 x 1
Thickness (mm): 0.127 (5 thou) 0.25 (10 thou) 0.5 (20 thou)
Colour: White White White
Adhesion Strength (N/2.54cm, BS 5350 C11): 10 (min) 10 (min) 12 (min)

Note: Silicone self adhesive backing is available upon request.

Due to the nature of PTFE and the manufacturing process, skived sheet are not flat in appearance. Non-Skived PTFE sheets in 6mm and thicker are generally moulded which can help to ensure a flat appearance. 

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