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D-Section Rubber Buffers

D Section Rubber Buffers



D-section rubber buffers are designed to protect and absorb impact and are manufactured from a nominally 75° ± 5° NR/SBR compound. PAR Group offer D-section rubber buffers in a range of standard sizes shown below. Please quote your product code upon enquiry.

Temperature: -10°C to +70°C (avoid prolonged exposure)

Applications: Warehouse loading bays, unloading platforms, marine environments and commercial goods vehicles.

Most Popular D-Section Rubber Buffers

EXD30x16 EXD50x30 EXD3x3*
EXD30x16 Dimensional Drawing EXD50x30 Dimensional Drawing EXD3x3 Dimensional Drawing
Length: 12.5m
Weight: 9kg
Wall Thickness: 6mm
Length: 2.5m
Weight: 4kg
Wall Thickness: 7mm
Length: 2.44m
Weight: 13kg
Wall Thickness: 14mm
    *This profile is also currently available in lengths of 540mm or slightly longer while stocks last. Please enquire for details.
EXD4x4 EXD60x52  
EXD4x4 Dimensional Drawing EXD60x52 Dimensional Drawing  
Length: 2.44m
Weight: 16kg
Wall Thickness: 18mm
Length: 2.5m


Wall Thickness: 10mm

Please Note: D-section rubber buffers are industrial grade extrusions, all dimensions and wall thicknesses shown are nominal.

Other D-Section Rubber Buffers

EXD4x4HD Dimensional Drawing EXDG&A Dimensional Drawing EXD834 Dimensional Drawing
Length: 2m
Weight: 18.5kg
Length: 2.5m
Weight: 20kg
Length: 3m
Weight: 27kg
EXD6x2 EXD6x6 EXD8x6
EXD6x2 Dimensional Drawing EXD6x6 Dimensional Drawing EXD8x6 Dimensional Drawing
Length: 3m
Weight: 32kg
Length: 2m
Weight: 58kg
Length: 2m
Weight: 73kg
EXD8x8 EXDDelta EXD1761
EXD8x8 Dimensional Drawing EXDDelta Dimensional Drawing EXD1761 Dimensional Drawing
Length: 2m
Weight: 98kg
Length: 2.6m
Weight: 20kg
Length: 2.5m
Weight: 13kg

Please Note: D-section rubber buffers are industrial grade extrusions, all dimensions shown are nominal.

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