Rubber U Channels - Single Lip

Rubber U channels - single lip extrusions are available in the following profiles. If you cannot see the exact section you require, please contact us. Bespoke extrusions can be manufactured to suit your application. Please quote your product code upon enquiry.

PEXT0034    PEXT0036EP    PEXT0159EP   PEXT0227EP
        (MOQ - 150 mtrs)    

PEXT0319N    PEXT0353EP    PEXT0397EP    PEXT0420EP

PEXT0421EP   PEXT0475EP   PEXT0508EP   PEXT0632EP

PEXT0636EP   PEXT0638EP   PEXT0652EP   PEXT0784

PEXT0831EP   PEXT0924EP   PEXT0929N   PEXT1077EP

PEXT1126   PEXT1158N   PEXT1244N   PEXT1382EP

PEXT1451J   PEXT1561EP   PEXT1586EP   PEXT1609EP
    (MOQ - 150 mtrs)       (MOQ - 400 mtrs)

PEXT1642EP   PEXT1666EP   PEXT1699EP   PEXT1720EP