Environmental & Sustainability


As a forward thinking company, PAR Group recognises the importance of the role in helping to protect and improve the environment. Concern for the environment and promoting sustainability are fundamental to our business activities.

PAR Group recognises the 3R's principle of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and we aim to continually improve our processes to help protect the environment.

Co-operation by all our employees is vital to the success of the objectives in our Environmental and Sustainability Management. We proactively encourage employee involvement and ensure staff are fully aware of our policy and that they are committed to implementing and improving it.  Our Environmental Policy is reviewed and updated annually and we provide regular training and/or information to staff and managers as appropriate throughout the year.


PAR Group is constantly striving to reduce energy consumption and waste across our sites. 

Our factories have energy efficient LED lighting systems installed along with PIR sensors.  We also encourage all staff to adopt eco-friendly practices, such as switching off lights along with electrical equipment and machinery when they are not in use.

Employees use e-mail as a preferred option of communication and documents are not printed unless absolutely necessary.  Any paper documents received are scanned and stored electronically. 

We also optimise the amount of materials used during our manufacturing processes to ensure optimum yields with minimum waste. 


PAR Group reuses packaging received from all sources, where practical to do so, including wooden pallets, cardboard, plastic and paper. We also have the facilities to recycle certain types of engineering plastic materials internally during the manufacture of new products. 


PAR Group recycles materials where it is reasonably practicable to do so. This includes paper, cardboard, electronics and raw materials.  All cardboard, paper, glass, general plastic and manufacturing wastes are collected and recycled by a selected waste management company.  Our Polycarbonate, Nylon and Acetal materials are separated internally where possible to do so and sent to other specialist waste recycling processors. 


In order to reduce paperwork, all employees carry out formal communication via e-mail where possible to do so. Documentation will only be printed when strictly necessary.

Suppliers and customers are encouraged to send enquiries, orders, drawings and other correspondence electronically. This is stored within the Customer Relations Management software, rather than printing a copy for file.


All our company vehicles adhere to the manufacturers servicing and testing guidelines in order to keep emissions as low as reasonably possible.  

When delivering using our own vehicles, the journey is carefully planned to ensure the most economical route is taken. Whenever possible, we utilise our more economical pool cars rather than larger delivery vehicles. 

PAR Group also encourage staff car sharing and operate a ‘Bike to Work Scheme’ promoting environmental and health benefits. 


PAR Group disposes of all waste in line with current government legislation. Particular care is taken with regards to the disposal of Asbestos and any materials designated as potential carcinogens or pollutants.


PAR Group prefers to work with companies who display a positive approach to environmental issues. Environmental considerations are taken into account during the design and purchase of any new plant, equipment, raw materials and projects undertaken by PAR Group.