Plastic Pipework & Fittings

Plastic Pipework & Fittings

PAR Group offers various plastic pipework and fittings for multiple industries, ensuring optimal product flow. Our materials include uPVC, ABS, and polypropylene. uPVC pipes are chemically resistant and suitable for potable water, while ABS pipes work well with food and potable water. Polypropylene pipes offer excellent chemical resistance and higher temperature tolerance.

For joining, ABS and uPVC pipes require solvent cement, while polypropylene pipes use socket fusion equipment. We also provide threaded fittings

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Size: Various in both imperial and metric.
Materials: ABS, uPVC and polypropylene.
Fittings: Elbows, tees, reducers, nipples, sockets and valves.
90° Elbow
Plastic Pipework 90° Elbow
45° Elbow
Plastic Pipework 45° Elbow
90° Tee
Plastic Pipework 90° Tee
Plain Socket
Plastic Pipework Plain Socket
Reducing Socket
Plastic Pipework Reducing Socket
Plastic Pipework Flange
Stub Fange
Plastic Pipework Stub Flange
Flange Backing Rings
Plastic Pipework Flange Backing Rings
Plastic Pipework Pipe