Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Metal Detectable Cable Ties  

Metal detectable cable ties are popular within the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. Our metal detectable cable ties are manufactured using a food grade, nylon 66 with a food safe additive dispersed evenly throughout the body of the product. This allows even small pieces of the ties to be detected by metal detector equipment. They are commonly used for electrical cabling applications in areas adjacent to the food manufacturing process. Metal detectable cable ties are available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -25°C to +65°C.
  • Food approved product.


Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Quantity (Per Box) Colour
MDCTBE-100X2.5 100 2.5 100 Blue
MDCTBE-150X3.5 150 3.5 100 Blue
MDCTBE-200X4.6 200 4.6 100 Blue


250 4.6 100 Blue
MDCTBE-390X4.6 390 4.6 100 Blue
MDCTYW-390X4.6 390 4.6 100 Yellow
MDCTGN-390X4.6 390 4.6 100 Green
MDCTBE-380X7.6 380 7.6 100 Blue

*Releasable cable tie.

Although our metal detectable cable ties are detectable by the majority of metal detection scanning devices we are unable to offer any guarantees and recommend that you test the material with your equipment.

Technical Specification: