Pipe Line Cleaning Pigs

Pipe Line Cleaning Pigs

Pipe line cleaning pigs are available from PAR Group in a range of types including: food approved pigs, poly-pigs, turbo-pigs, pipeline spheres and steel mandrel pigs. We can also supply a full range of replacement spares including cups, discs, brushes and foam swabs.


Pipeline cleaning in process plants and utility systems.


Size Range (inches)
Food Approved Cleaning in food and hygienic applications. 2 up to 6½
Metal Detectable Cleaning in food and hygienic applications where metal detectable is required. 2 up to 4
Polyurethane Poly-Pigs Bullet shaped, suitable for light cleaning or heavy build-up removal. Coated polyurethane foam. 2 up to 144
Polyurethane Turbo-Pigs Can be run in LPG, crude oil, natural gas, saltwater. Excellent for fluid removal, especially liquid gas. 2 up to 30
Polyurethane Spheres Liquid batch separation, line testing and maintenance. Can navigate tees, ells and full port valves. 2 up to 42
Steel Mandrel Pigs Allow for easy onsite removal. Able to navigate short bends, tees and multi-diameter pipelines. 2 up to 48

For sales enquiries, please contact us with the following information regarding your application:

  • Type of pipe line cleaning pig required.
  • Pipe line bore size.
  • Material of pipe.
  • Length of pipe.
  • Substances being conveyed in pipe.
  • Temperature.
  • Details of pipework bends if possible.
Technical Specification:

Examples of our Pipe Line Cleaning Pigs

Polyurethane Spheres
Polyurethane Pipeline Spheres
Steel Mandrel Pigs
Steel Mandrel Pigs
Polyurethane Poly Pigs
Polyurethane Poly-Pigs
Polyurethane Turbo Pigs
Polyurethane Turbo-Pigs

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