Sponge Sheeting

Sponge sheeting is stocked in various grades and sizes by PAR Group. Closed cell sponges have no connecting cavities, making them ideal for applications where water exclusion and sound and gas retention are important. Open cell sponge has connecting cavities which make the sponge more compressible. We have the capability to convert our sponge sheeting into gaskets, pads and strips cut to any width to suit your requirements. We can also supply sponge sheeting with a self-adhesive backing.

The following grades are the most common available from PAR Group. There are many other types available upon request; please contact our sales office for more information. British Standard specification sponges are also available upon request.

Sponge Sheeting

EPDM Sponge PVC Nitrile Sponge SORBO Sponge
EPDM Sponge Sheet PVC/Nitrile Spnge Sheet Sorbo Sponge Sheet
Orange Open Cell Sponge Silicone Sponge Silicone Sponge - Metal Detectable
Post Office Sponge Sheeting Silicone Sponge Sheet White EPDM Sponge Sheet
Silicone - HT800 Flame Retardant Polyurethane Sponge (Dynathane) EPDM Sponge - White
HT800 Silicone Sponge Dynathane Sponge EPDM Sponge Sheeting - White
Viton Sponge Neoprene Sponge - SCE42  
Viton® Sponge Sheeting

Neoprene Sponge Sheeting - SCE42



Foam Sheeting

Polyethylene Foam (Zote Foam) PVC Foam PVC Foam with Laminate
Polyethylene Foam Sheet (Zote® Foam)

PVC Foam Sheeting

Expanded PVC foam with Laminate
Upholstery Foam Reticulated Air Filter Foam  
Upholstery Foam Reticulated Air Filter Foam  

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